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It’s finally here!
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  1. Adam Briggs
    Adam Briggs says:

    Your co-host sounds like Kermit the fog….you need a third person (Paul Miller) type to lighten things up, and bring some comedic timing to the pod. Liked the first episode tho! A+++++

  2. Nidhish S
    Nidhish S says:

    Some constructive feedback after listening to your podcast:
    1. The volume seemed a little low. Maybe it was just me or you could look into that.
    2. I do understand sponsorships help support the channel, but could you maybe have the sponsor messages at the end as it becomes a little inconvenient to skip twice during the ads when you are doing something else.

    Thanks for the podcast. Love the new format. Would love a video chatshow too. Eagerly waiting for new episodes from the house of MKBHD.

  3. Aditya Pudipeddi
    Aditya Pudipeddi says:

    GUESTS! GUESTS! GUESTS! Not just Tech people but any famous personality. Talking to a real famous person without any filters and PR masks is a great way. Hey, no loss in asking them if Apple sucks too right!

    Here's a list I would love to see on the podcast

    – Linus
    – Louis Rossmann
    – Peter McKinnon
    – Casey Niestat
    – Sean Evans
    – Ethan Klien
    – iJustine
    – Lew from Unbox Therapy
    – Apple Executives
    – Oneplus Executives

    The list is in no order and grabbing them for an episode is not so tough job for Marques.

  4. Kevin H
    Kevin H says:

    Only Feedback I would give is to be consistent on the uploads (i.e. Every Monday, every two mondays) That would prevent people from having to hunt when the new Episode is out.

  5. Densa
    Densa says:

    Great pod! Love it! But I think you guys can be better with the ads. Listen to F1: Beyond the grid pod as inspiration, I think they do a great you to embed the ads in to the pod.


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