Installing Jelly Bean on an Android tablet


Installing an Alpha build of Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9.
This is a quick and dirty guide for the those who are not faint hearted.
link to relevant XDA thread:

Jelly Bean seams slightly smoother than ICS, Google Now is a great
Many apps not currently compatible with Jelly Bean like Dropbox, Chrome, Swiftkey and most games.

Install at your own risk.



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  1. Icenesis Wayons
    Icenesis Wayons says:

    There are a bunch of people in trouble on this vlog! It really needs to be deleted! It's been so long now and it really doesn't matter but deleting it would keep more recent viewers from hoping for help where there is none.

  2. Icenesis Wayons
    Icenesis Wayons says:

    You didn't explain anything, most people that may be doing this are having software trouble to begin with and showing them all that mess is just pure ignorant on your part!
    Which SD card internal or external?
    Where do you acquire the source OS(jelly Bean)
    On a digital 2 tablet you can't even access the external SD card without going through a file explorer of some type even then it will not allow you to execute the file from an external card.

  3. Sergio LópezR
    Sergio LópezR says:

    yo quiero hacer una pregunta por favor alguien la conteste. se puede instalar Jelly bean en mi tablet alcatel one touch pixi que trae por defecto kit kat? es que mi table es lenta por defecto y quisiera saber si puedo retornar a una version anterior de android para ver si mi tablet funciona mas rapido .

  4. Renin Justin
    Renin Justin says:

    My tablet is prestigio multipad 4 with 3gb ram and 4.2 jellybean.I stupidely deleted my downlaod manager and I want to flash.Doe this vido help me?sorry for bad english

  5. Sorgykst Bennett
    Sorgykst Bennett says:

    what's the risks. because I have been having trouble with incompatible apps lately with ICS and my tablet is an Intel product, not sure that this works since the developers of this product said that the old Intel tablets have problems with updates.

  6. ShutDown Acc
    ShutDown Acc says:

    if i did this, would the files in my Samsung 8.9 tablet be erase??,
    there are some important files there that i need, you see…
    so will it all be erased or will it remain there when I do the steps in your video??

  7. Nemez
    Nemez says:

    It says: assert failed: getprop(''ro.produck.device'') == ''p5wifi''….. E:Error in /tmp/sideload/ (status 7) Installation aborted. PLS  HELP


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