Insignia 11.6"  Android tablet with detachable keyboard unboxing review and test


in this video we will take a look at the Insignia 11.6″ flex tablet for Android



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  1. AladdinSaneNYC
    AladdinSaneNYC says:

    Best Buy seemingly dropped ALL of their Insignia tablets for some reason. A pity! Why do you think they did such a thing? Could it be the marketplace is completely saturated and no longer profitable for any company, outside of RCA and a couple of others to keep producing them? Thanks! Peace…♐

  2. Shane Blair
    Shane Blair says:

    Can your tablet download and use google maps in the car with a data connection? (hot spotting from phone for internet) I want to use it for uber driving for a gps.

  3. MountKash1
    MountKash1 says:

    Hi there !
    How is this "insignia 11.6 android 7" tablet
    perform when/ with:

    1) multitasking (multiple apps open) ?
    2) dual window(split screen)
    3) streaming movies
    4) watching youtube

    I'm just concerned about the performance of this device with running Android 7(Nougat) while multitasking and or running heavy processing apps with only having 1GB of RAM to do so.

    wondering how "laggy" it may be while in the above situations.


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