IndiSLIDER Mini Deluxe [Canon T2i]


I unboxed it, put it together, and started filming. This is the result.

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First impressions of the hardware a pretty solid. I like the fluidity of the 24″ slider for such a low budget item and I’ve been impressed with the build quality so far. Watching review of the slider doesn’t really give a good impression of the weight, but with a DSLR or heavier camera the IndiSlider handles friction with the rails very well. This allows for nice, fluid reveal shots and slider motions during videos. OVerall it’s an excellent product at an excellent price.



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  1. Neuronicism
    Neuronicism says:

    @Whyrendog Thanks. I think I am going to try out the Proaim 4' LInear Slider. Unfortunately I need to work a little wider for outdoor events and have to keep it around $300 but I have seen some good shots from it and more good than bad reviews. Seems to be anything under $500 is going to take a decent tripod w/fluid head and some patience (all of which I have, but some day am going to get something that is better to work with).


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