In-Car Nexus 7 Android Tablet Install - 2005 Subaru Legacy GT


Just showcasing my in-dash install of my Nexus 7 tablet. This can do music, videos, games, phone calls, emails, anything you can do on your smartphone. To learn how to make one of these see my video series located here:



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  1. TH 1
    TH 1 says:

    I have to watch the other videos too, but right now I have a spesific question regarding the tablet. Is the device locked as long as the ignition is off? Just wondering since you got your mailbox there.

  2. ConstructAndDestruct
    ConstructAndDestruct says:

    This video gave me the inspiration to do the same thing, the only things that I did differently where that I used a stock nav bezel and a radio from a 2008 legacy paired with a Grom Audio USB 3. Its not as simple to control as yours, I still need to do work on it but otherwise its working amazingly. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  3. AS94SL
    AS94SL says:

    Great job and sweet ride! I'm also an owner of a 06 Legacy Wagon! 🙂
    I might end up doing a similar install. However, I will have to figure out a way to get audio since my radio doesn't have the aux input. I'm still debating on installing a single din aftermarket radio or soldering an aux cable directly on the stock radio PCB by modifying it.


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