iMac Pro Setup Tour 2018!


Video editing desk setup tour for early 2018!

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Phillips Hue light strip:
Yamaha HS8:
Auralex Isolation pad:
Promise Pegasus 3 80TB:
iMac Pro:
Twelve South HiRise Pro:
Sennheiser HD800:
Apollo Twin MKII Duo:
Herman Miller Embody:
Hasselblad X1D:
Logitech MX Master 2S:
Aluminum mousepad:
Google Pixel 2 XL:
Apple iPhone X:
OnePlus 5T:

Video Gear I use:
Tech I’m using right now:

Intro Track: Zebulon by Alltta




38 replies
  1. Nutellah
    Nutellah says:

    the thing you hoped i got out of it is about exactly what it did (like now ik which colors i could choose since every thing on my desk is the same color combination (white black red)

  2. Ozoingo2
    Ozoingo2 says:

    Why on earth would you buy an Apollo twin if you aren't gonna use its main shtick, extra processing power for UE Plugins. Seriously that's double the price of one that could do exactly what your using it for now better.

  3. Ultima893
    Ultima893 says:

    Pretty much my dream setup. Almost exactly what I plan to fill my studio with once I land my dream job. iMac Pro fully specced, Macbook Pro fully specced, a Hasselblad cameras for photography, RED Helium 8K video camera. iPad Pro for chillin', Now get some Kii Audio Three / Snell / meyer sound speakers (maybe even Devialet Phantoms) and Audeze LCD4/STAX009/Focal Utopia headphones with a Woo Audio amp and you're 100%

  4. Ultima893
    Ultima893 says:

    Jesus christ your setup is amazing. Can I just say THANK YOU for actually spending money on audio. There's nothing worse for me than seeing geeks who spend $10k on their "ULTIMATE GAMING SETUP" and then they have a Steelseries headset and some 50 dollar Logitech 5.1. The sennheiser HD800s is an excellent choice! Though I MUCH prefer the sound of either STAX L700 or Audeze LCD-X. They cost about $2000 each and require the same amount spent on an amp. Best I've ever heard are STAX SR-009 and Focal Utopia (about $5000 each) give em a try!

  5. Liam Bushrod
    Liam Bushrod says:

    You talked about how there are two ways to watch setup your videos and one of those ways is "gathering inspiration from different parts" of it and adapting your own setup. Well, I took inspiration in a slightly different way and made a video tour of my own editing setup on my channel… because it's so terrible and causes maximum friction in turning footage into videos. Call it a parody if you like but it was fun to make 😂😂


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