iFrogz EarPollution Mogul Headphones Review


Looking for a ‘striking’ pair of headphones to stand out from the crowd? The iFrogz Mogul might be for you…


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  1. randomperson63758
    randomperson63758 says:

    I just got these headphones today and my only gripe with them is they put a bit too much pressure on my ears and the sound is a bit muffled. I like the bass, though. Although, me being a basshead, it's not enough bass for me. :3

  2. Kekoslovakia
    Kekoslovakia says:

    I have to disagree with everything you just said except for the sound quality. I used these all the time back in the day and I thought they felt like a pillow that plays music. But then again, I'm not you – do you have short hair or sensitive skin? That's the only explanation I can come up with for why you wouldn't like the headband. :/

  3. UbeR
    UbeR says:

    I have these headphones and they are not comfortable; after 30 – 60 minutes i start to get a headache because the headband is so irritating and my ears start to get itchy because of the fabric that filters the sound but other than that the sound quality is great. I wouldn't recommend this to people who are going to wear these headphones for more than an hour.

  4. zeroa69
    zeroa69 says:

    i love em… very very comfortable and sound quality is excellent.. the bass is an issue nd can drown out other sounds but a simple eq adjust fixes everything…. but they really really sound great when powered by a headphone amp and it becomes godlike for the price

  5. Ahmad Hafizuddin
    Ahmad Hafizuddin says:

    my situation:
    i have this same exact headphone model. the headphone is awesome and all, but my problem is that, when i wear it for too long, it gets hot and uncomfortable.

    question: so, is there any replacement headphone pad i could buy that would fit in with this headphone and would provide the comfort i need?

  6. Enrico Suave
    Enrico Suave says:

    @derderpb123 im using moguls now and at half volume i can feel the bass with my hands (hence the words "Super Bass"). if youre a fan of dubstep like me, you NEED these. and i can agree that skullcandies are crap. ex: after about a month or so, the bass wears out on skullcandies and sounds like default iPod earbuds. overall, these are very nice. the only thing ive noticed is that when you first put them on they feel kinda loose so they have to be worn a good bit to fit the shape of your ears.

  7. Lee Skilton
    Lee Skilton says:

    just got these, very nice so far. Were better than pairs upto £120 tested in a specialist headphone store and an upgrade from my B&W p5s for the bass alone. B&W p5s are actually really crap for £200


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