iCab Mobile iPad Review


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TapCritic review of the app iCab Mobile.
This is a demo for the iPad.
You can buy it here – http://bit.ly/m76jhK



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  1. xxTaKe2xx
    xxTaKe2xx says:

    Is it possible to download PDFs to the iPad with this browser? I just purchased an iPad and it annoys the hell out of me that I cannot save pdfs in safari.

  2. niepodzielny
    niepodzielny says:

    @TapCritic If u like tabs there is better way to switch in between just simply swipe a one finger from side to side – I always use I in this browser. Good review!

  3. andylinkproductions
    andylinkproductions says:

    @xtremesv ok so basically

    for speed: Safari NITRO
    tabs and features: Atomic
    Fast with awesome UI and good download manager: Icab

    depends, if you like going to sites and stuff atomic, if you like to download vids icab, watch videos icab but icab shearch doesnt have suggestions.


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