Welcome back to another SR4U Q & A video, where I answer a bunch of your football boot related questions! In today’s episode I talk about what the difference is between Nike ACC and Adidas NSG, what new technology I would like to see introduced on football boots, what position I played growing up, if strength training can negatively impact you as a footballer, my favorite indoors of all-time and more!

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43 replies
  1. dave.
    dave. says:

    Hey Josh, I'm having issues with stud pressure on my FG Tiempo legend 7s. This is obviously not a problem for most people or a common flaw with the boot so I'm wondering if you have any tips to help or maybe perhaps why I'm having the problem? Thanks.

  2. Whisky Tango
    Whisky Tango says:

    I’m asking all of you this question

    I have to wear extra wide shoes and I’ve never found a pair of boots that fit me with out my feet hurting
    Are there any boots/brands do you guys recommend?

  3. Naufan
    Naufan says:

    Hey jmbappe since you’ve made reviews on rugby boots before (Adidas Predator Incurza) it would be interesting to see a new one on the Adidas Predator Control because in my opinion its more old school predator like compared to the Predator 19 line

  4. bashar joumaa
    bashar joumaa says:

    Hi Josh, do u know what shoes that are in marked is similar to 2013 adizero f50 leather. I cant buy adizero anymore and want a shoe that is similar what comes to fit and width. Thanks !

  5. CLKZN x
    CLKZN x says:

    hey Jose make a review on the nike epic phantom react when it comes out the shoe consists of a laces-less design or make a video on the legend react which is a mid cut lace-less shoe (which is out).

  6. Filip
    Filip says:

    I’ve always wondered if it would make sense to put cushion on boots. I think on fg and good ag grounds it’s unnecessary but on bad ag pitches and turf it would make a difference because it’s lower to the ground

  7. Funky Ghost
    Funky Ghost says:

    Hey josh, I got phantom venom pro and so far has use twice for shooting, dribbling and passing. The material for it and the fit is just as you said, it fits perfectly. But as of comfort wise, I'm little concern..

    When I use this boots, I got a cut at my heels area.

    Anything I can do to prevent it? Please help D:


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