HUION HS610 A Drawing Tablet For Your Android


Let’s check out the new and super affordable Graphics tablet that is also compatible with android devices, the HUION HS610.

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For those in the Philippines you can buy it here:

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  1. Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki says:

    Pag si Arch. Llyan talaga ng bumanat, ang gaganda ng video contents… bakit hindi na alng ikaw naging instructor ko during my Archi Stude years ko,, baka naka-graduate na rin ako..hahaha mga instructors ko dati puro maaangas at antipatiko eh..hehe

  2. AxleR8 YT
    AxleR8 YT says:

    Hey uh Llyan…Im a new subscriber pero nakikita/napapanood ko na mga vids mo long time ago, Im currently on 11th grade and hoping to take architecture course but i have a problem on recognizing colors hindi rin naman ako color blind, so the point is do you really have to know all colors in order to be an ar hitect kase as of now black and white lang ang clear saken, nalilito parin ako sa ibang colors….

  3. Honey Bascos
    Honey Bascos says:

    Hi po, how i wish i had known you earlier! Hahaha hmm can i request po? Part 2 vid po ng tips or anything po sana that could help sa review for ALE hehe thanks po 💕

  4. Ankit Mevada
    Ankit Mevada says:

    Llyan need some help I have to design an school with special features can you please made video on tips how to design school differently please llyan I hope you seen this

  5. Rey Angelo Espinosa
    Rey Angelo Espinosa says:

    hi guys incoming archi student here. I just wanna ask from you guys out there who took architecture if laptop is really needed as an arki student and is it possible to finish archi course without having a fancy high-end laptop? really hoping for any responses and thanks in advance 😘

  6. Momiea
    Momiea says:

    I bought a wacom intuos three years ago for the SAME price and its accessories aren't even comparable to the ones that come along with the Huion tablet. :(((

    Sana nakita ko ang brand na to dati pa.

  7. V y l e t t e
    V y l e t t e says:

    Hey Llyan I have a question, can I choose an architectural course for college even if I'm currently in a different strand of senior high which is Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)?
    I regret every choice I make lol


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