Huawei MediaPad t3 7 inch Android Tablet review by MCG Tech Talk


Hey Everyone! It’s Will and I wanted to talk about this tiny little tablet. I don’t believe the tablet is 7 inches, but it really is.

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  1. ave b
    ave b says:

    this is the worst review ive ever came across. I bought huawei tab3 7'' after i noticed a huge concerns regarding my recent purchased tab, which supposed to be an alternative for this tab. i wont mention the previous device name but this tab actually can multitask despite at its core processor. antutu benchmark for this sits around for usual standard within cheap android tablet. with the price tag given, i must say. it is one of the best amongst the other devices. its just great , of course dont expect the camera to be like samsung s9 or mate pro

  2. Steve H
    Steve H says:

    I am trying to download an android app from Google Play Store and get the error message "Your Device isn't Compatible With This Version"

  3. MrChad97Z
    MrChad97Z says:

    I just saw this device at Walmart and the screen resolution looks great. You do not need more resolution on a 7 inch screen. As long as it is clear and sharp then who cares! This device has it where it counts , a quad core snappy processor. It's fast! And if all you have to say bad about it are finger prints and speaker sound, that makes this a dumb video and it's not a review at all.. Truth is, you know nothing more about this device than if I went to Walmart and looked at it myself. Which is not much!

  4. Ventus Tenebris
    Ventus Tenebris says:

    I am actually watching this on that tablet, I really enjoy it. I don't care about the resolution, that just means the processor does not have to work as hard, and the battery lasts longer in return


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