Huawei MediaPad M5 Android Tablet Review


Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – The Huawei MediaPad M5 is a nicely constructed Android tablet that is a more affordable alternative to an iPad 9.7 or iPad Mini. See more tablets: and subscribe!

00:47 – Build quality
01:14 – Display & Pricing
01:58 – Processor, RAM and storage
02:25 – OS
02:47 – Weight & Battery life
03:17 – Ports
04:45 – Camera
05:17 – Fingerprint reader & multi user access
05:44 – Performance: web browsing
06:30 – Gaming: GTA Vice City & Goat Simulator
06:50 – 3DMark Slingshot Benchmark
07:24 – Dolphin emulator
08:10 – Conclusion and final thoughts

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23 replies
  1. Lon.TV
    Lon.TV says:

    ERRATA : In describing the price vs. iPad I was comparing to the iPad pro. I forgot about the iPad 9.7 (which is now just called iPad) that comes in at a very competitive price to the 10.8" Huawei device here. However I do think the 8" tablet is a good value vs. the more expensive iPad Mini.

  2. K C
    K C says:

    Does anyone else have screen dimming issues or brightness issues with the 10.8 version? I'm having this problem right now and I bought it recently

  3. Barry
    Barry says:

    I've had this tablet for about a week now. Other than the build quality seems that Android tablets haven't changed much. Still laggy at certain times. Doesn't seem any faster than the last tablet I bought 7 years ago. Comparing my son's fire 10 tablet to this M5 the fire seems better at games and the picture is the same on both even though the M5 has way better specs. Thinking about sending it back.

  4. VastGsm
    VastGsm says:

    This is advertised as a 2K tablet with a display of 2560×1600 boasting 480xxhdpi. WARNING: This does not play anything on #YouTube higher than 1080p. #Huawei blame #YouTube and #YouTube blame #Huawei. I predict 80% of the vast majority of consumers who purchase this tablet will want to play 2K in #YouTube #Amazon #Netflix #Hulu etc. Contacting #Huawei Technical Support will be a waste of time as the only advice given will be to Open your tablet Web Browser Chrome, FireFox, etc and Search for and download a 2K Movie trailer. How many consumers purchased this tablet exclusively to manually download Movie Trailers in 2K to watch? Unfortunately consumers will be ultimately disappointed by this and will most likely return their devices for a refund. Just take a look at Amazon Reviews and alike to see a reflection of this.

  5. Spuds
    Spuds says:

    I hope a Dr. Richard Daystrom didn't design this M5 with his "engrams"…. could be lethal as the "Ultimate Computer"! 🙂
    (Vulcan nerve pinch not included)

  6. Tech guy
    Tech guy says:

    Why would Huawei use such an old processor? If they really wanted to compete they needed to use Kirin 970. Kirin 960 is considerably slower than the iPad 2018 with A10 fusion chip.

  7. KAY DE
    KAY DE says:

    No flash plugin hrmmmm? well imma test out dat little tablet's at B&H and see if it works nicely on a puffin browser other than that it sounds like ur lame ass everyday average tablet

  8. Ghana King
    Ghana King says:

    That is an excellent review on the Huawei MediaPad M5 10.8 tablet. I currently have a Lenovo Tab 2 A 10-70 Tablet for 2 1/2 years, and while I don't have to upgrade my HP Laptop ( TouchSmart 15 something…) or my phone ( LG Stylo 3 Plus.. which is due for an Oreo Update shortly ) no time soon, an upgrade as far as a Tablet is concerned… I'm due for that…and this looks like the upgrade AND update I'm looking forward to. Way better resolution, sound and OS ( the Lenovo Tab 2 A 10-70 F is running 6.0 Marshmallow….so, yup, upgrade ). I throughly enjoyed your review, and I'll make it my mission to get this either as an excellent XMAS gift….or Income Tax Return Time come February '19, one way or the other, THIS has my name on it. Thanks Lon.TV for making this decision on a NEW tablet…an easy one.

  9. Andrew Cole
    Andrew Cole says:

    It's odd that they (Huawei) would 'lend' you one of these devices so long after the release date. I suspect that they have an over supply of them that they want to move. That said, it's an excellent device.

  10. Vernal Scott
    Vernal Scott says:

    I own the LTE version of this fabulous tablet. It actually has high quality quad speakers, not duo. It's is truly sensational, oh, it also has a desktop mode for productivity. Buy it!

  11. RockstarBruski
    RockstarBruski says:

    Interesting tablet. Great review Lon! For me it's a bummer theres no headphone jack! Recently I did buy a small bluetooth adapter that allows me to plug in my headphones to it and connect to devices without headphone jacks but i have to remember to bring the bluetooth adapter with me.

  12. Slappy McPhee
    Slappy McPhee says:

    Another nice review. I am still having trouble taking these Chinese products seriously with their tendency for espionage and cyber terrorism. People can tell me to get my tinfoil hat out all the want, but t that just means they have their heads buried in the sand. The Chinese and the Russians are pretty much experts in cyber based mischief.


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