Huawei MediaPad M5 Review, Is It Better Than the Ipad pro ???


Huawei brings us 3 different tablets for 2018, called the M5. We have the M5 8.9, the M5 10.8, and the M5 Pro. Today I have for you my Review of the M5 and comparison to the Ipad Pro.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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36 replies
  1. SirWhiteCrayon
    SirWhiteCrayon says:

    This thing is fast, but the screen is garbage compared to the specs of the device and it is nowhere near as beautiful as the Retina display. I use an IPhone XS daily and going back and forth between the two devices drives me crazy! It's drove me so crazy that I returned it and bought an iPad.

  2. Mateusz Modrzejewski
    Mateusz Modrzejewski says:

    Thanks for this vid man, your review was very comprehensive and really helped me decide on my purchase. Very happy with the M5 – it looks, sounds and works great. The display is fantastic and the value for the price is unbelievable 😍subbed to the channel, all the best!

  3. Rui Valdez
    Rui Valdez says:

    Hello. Very good video. But I have a few questions. How about using USB type-c adapter to use an external monitor? And the desktop mode experience? Best regards

  4. Jetsetteren
    Jetsetteren says:

    I have a question, i have the p30 pro, if i buy this tablet and take photos on my phone, will these photos be seen in the gallery app on the tablet? Just like apple does it?

  5. Sara g
    Sara g says:

    What there is no iPad In 9.5 you said 9.5 did you mean the 9.7 pro 2017 or the 10.5 pro because It’s the iPad mini at 7.9 then it goes 9.7 pro 2017 model, the 9.7 2018 model, 10.5 pro, 11 pro with no home button, 12.9 pro with no home button and 12.9 pro with home button 2015 model so you must of meant to say 10.5 or I must be wrong and you meant 9.7. I don’t know all I know is there is no 9.5 inch model I watch iPad videos all the time and I do research on them too. I have the 9.7 inch 2018 model from black Friday thanksgiving. My laptop broke and I could not get a laptop with good specs in 300 dollars but for an iPad I could so that’s why got an iPad I am using an iPad right now over a laptop but I am saving for a laptop.

    LAY WAIFU says:

    Is this tablet better or a cheaper option to illustrate than the iPad Pro? And what would be the program to download? If you have any idea, it would be very helpful 😊


  7. Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis says:

    Great video as usual, but please turn down the accompanying music throughout, especially when doing the sound comparison between the two tablets.
    But really, all the way through, Please.

  8. Furree
    Furree says:

    Very good review. Thx for that. I'm looking for a new tablet as my old Sony Z4's battery is about to die. Sadly I will say, as I'm very satisfied with that tablet and unfortunately Sony doesn't seem to put a new tablet out on the market. With the price / performance ratio this tablet seems to have, it looks like it's gonna be the best option for me. I use my tablet daily for watching YT and Netflix, read e-mail and do Internet browsing so I think this tablet will fit me well.

  9. Thorbjørn Deele
    Thorbjørn Deele says:

    I can get it on sale here in Denmark. 1499 Dkk or only 230 $ – and the Ipad Pro 10.5 is 875$…. Tech isnt cheap here 🙂 – but Huawei M5 will be the winner, when considering the pricetag. – Thanks for the review.

  10. Ryan Marcovich
    Ryan Marcovich says:

    Hey TK, the review despite being against Ipad, was perfect for level entry, non silicon valley employee type so its appreciated! Can i ask if you know how to get hold of the keyboard, is it made by Huawei as its seems pretty much left out of every thing except their own advertising which doesn't tell you where to get the keyboard.

  11. D Chris
    D Chris says:

    It is tempting but I'm getting so pissed that tech companies are removing the phone jack. Just feels like they are trying to nickle and dime consumers to death and it just turns me off to the product(s)

  12. Sean Maher
    Sean Maher says:

    Informative video, TK. You've helped me make my decision. I've had reservations about purchasing the Tab S4 and have been checking out other android devices. Everything seemed to be pointing to the M5, but, I couldn't quite decide whether to go with the smaller screen or this one. Around four years ago I bought the original 8.4 and 10.5 Samsung Galaxy Tab S. The smaller screen definitely had better resolution and was much sharper than its big brother. However, looking at your video (on my S8 plus), that screen looks fantastic. Once again, thanks for helping me make up my mind. Keep up the good work.

  13. mettaum
    mettaum says:

    nice review, worth a little clarification… the hardware for the 10" tablets are not totally identical, the non-pro version will not work with a wacom digitizer pen / stylus, so if you want that ability you will have to purchase the pro version. you may be able to use a capacitive pen with the non pro version.


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