Huawei MateBook X Pro 2019 Review - Best Laptop?


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I called last year’s Huawei Matebook X Pro as my favorite product of early 2018. It was beautiful, thin and light, and hard to compete with on a spec-for-price comparison. In 2019, the new variant is all about taking that success and matching it with a couple of great new things, in addition to some controversies of old. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let me tell you what these are in our full review.


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28 replies
  1. Halsey Zheng
    Halsey Zheng says:

    I'v been using the 2019 model for a while and I have to admit the 3:2 thin bezel dispay simply blows every other laptops away, especially for a user like me whose main work is typing and typing!

  2. Xgenerati
    Xgenerati says:

    I can't believe this – almost anything Huawei releases nowadays is top-notch! It's like the new SONY. (Samsung has never been great at everything.)

  3. J C
    J C says:

    Search online, do your research before buying Huawei products. Their devices connect to no matter what you do. Every time Huawei gets caught they make excuses like “that is for monitoring mainland Chinese market and is turned off for North American market.” Smh.

  4. Karayah Holly
    Karayah Holly says:

    Huawei laptops seem really impressive. I wish they designed a 2-in-1, so they could go head-to-head with the Microsoft Surface products because they both have a 3:2 aspect ratio.

  5. Amir Mahmoud
    Amir Mahmoud says:

    typing this comment from the 2018 version. I love every moment of it. The keyboard also is probably a top performer in the market. I have never used such a comfortable compact keyboard in my life. It is a no con device for me as I don't use the webcam and I'm perfectly fine with the HDD partitioning.

  6. Soni Laoly
    Soni Laoly says:

    This is why huawei banned from US., i’m not american, but at least i know that huawei market strategy isn’t good for business partnership., whether they say they do innovation without copying anyone, but the fact that, even the most stupid person in the world know that huawei mate x is totally copying macbook design.., just like xiaomi copying iphone design.,
    They need to learn business ethics,. Everything have a rule and law to respect others innovation and steve jobs quote “PATENTED”., you cannot easily just copying anything just because you like those design..

  7. Luka Jevtovic
    Luka Jevtovic says:

    I have something better than this – both the new i7 matebook 13 and the old matebook x pro. The price is way too much as opposed to what it used to be.

    You can get the old version for $1300, and get around 5-10% less performance. The main difference is the 10/25w version of the mx150, the one hop feature, and the speedier thunderbolt port.

    I just don't feel like that's worth $700, especially when you can get the exact same features, with the downside of having 8gb of ram, out of the i7 matebook 13 (2019) for, again, around $1400.


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