Huawei Mate 20 Pro Review: The People's Choice!


Mate 20 Pro won the blind camera test. How good is the rest of the phone?

The blind smartphone camera test:
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  1. Random TV
    Random TV says:

    Hey Jerry, I just bought this mate 20 pro about 3 weeks ago. One thing I noticed on the side cover (where Jerryrig sticks his razor to remove the back cover)seems abit loose or something? I mean it may sound stupid or something but I tried sucking on the sides and I'm able to suck out air. Isn't it supposed to be sealed as it's IP68?

  2. Viewtiful Design
    Viewtiful Design says:

    Go ahead! buy a Huawei product! China will record all your passwords, everything you've ever typed, every photo you've ever took, everything you've ever said near the phone, and every website you've ever browsed.

  3. Franko G.
    Franko G. says:

    How do you guys get normal pictures ratio on social media?
    Mate 20pro keeps cutting the edges on all the pictures especially on Insta and Insta stories…
    It is just sooo annoying… 🙁

  4. Kyo Kusanagi
    Kyo Kusanagi says:

    For the record.
    Ths issues with the multitkasking were fixed on the first update on the EMUI after launch, and the have made AMAZNG improvements in the camera area. So Im pretty sure that if it came to review it today… It would´ve been the best phone for him as well. ^-^

  5. youtulsa
    youtulsa says:

    Could you pls do a comparison between Samsung S10 and Mate 20 Pro.. I bought the S10 after selling my mate 20 Pro and I am disappointed with the battery..

  6. Toni ferra
    Toni ferra says:

    Still complaining about the speaker u got a huge battery an crazy fast charging u don’t need to charge n listen to music at same time just let it charge for 30 ffs

  7. Flex Woods
    Flex Woods says:

    I need someone with enough reach to let them know to fix their instagram story situation. Video & Audio go out of sync after the 1st clip & it seems to be an ongoing theme with a lot of huawei users. With instagram being as popular as it is & no other phones seemingly having this problem, I find it ridiculous & extremely annoying. Other than that I really do like the phone lol

  8. RRR LLL
    RRR LLL says:

    Best phone I ever bought

    It's fast like a Ferrari

    It's sexy like a Ferrari

    Awesome settings

    The screen is like no other 👁️👁️👍🏼

    camera is epic ✔️

    I like the sound in the speakers ✔️

    I love the scratch resistant wraparound gorilla Glass ✔️

    I love everything about the battery ✔️

    Don't listen to the American government they hate competition

    Remember what they did to Toyota when they reached top spot

    Yeah it was a total recall smear campaign yet no one else in the world had a problem with those cars

    Huawei will be the world's number one very soon specially in 5G as they spend nearly 600 billion in research per year

    I absolutely love everything about the mate 20 Pro 📳✔️

  9. CruZer0
    CruZer0 says:

    The US only banned Huawei becuase they are afraight of competion. Here in germany Huawei wants to build a 5g network but the US goverment said that when german forces uses it for communication than the US will block communications from germany. Right now 2 major US Telecom Companys: German Telekom and Vodafone are dominating germany. When Huawei comes they will mix up the competion and the us dont want this. The US sets germany and the EU often under pressure when they are trading / cooperating with us competion or enemys like Russia, Iran and China. And what i think is unaccepteble is that when they do it anyway, the US will set them on the list for terorrist supporter and sanction them. There was a case where someone working at a German Bank traded with IRAN the US put him on the list, even tho they were just trading 100% legal stuff. The EU have to fight against the imperialist behavior of the US.

  10. Krishnan Sasikumar
    Krishnan Sasikumar says:

    Been using the Huawei Mate10 Pro for a year now. It's the longest I've held on to a phone since the Nexus 6.

    The phone still performs brilliantly, gives me a day's battery life with heavy usage (music streaming, youtube, games, maps) , never lagged, never restarted and has a brilliant all purpose camera.

    And it got Android Pie as well. More than happy with my Huawei experience.

    The software experience is very consistent which can't be said about most other Androids and it has been my least buggy phone.

    Will I buy a Huawei next time? Maybe not, coz I want a different experience next time..maybe a OnePlus or Apple.

  11. So Cal Joe
    So Cal Joe says:

    Say no to Huawei is saying no to China having access to our personal info. Their CEO is ex- Chinese intelligence and you can bet they have the back door key to access their devices.


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