HTC U Ultra Rant: Skip this One!


HTC U Ultra is new, but you should probably pass on this one. Here’s why.

HTC U Ultra:

Video Gear I use:


Phone provided by HTC for review.



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  1. Maikel Peeters
    Maikel Peeters says:

    Why skip this phone??? I have it for 19 months now…i bought a galaxy s10 plus last month…still liking the htc u ultra more! Planning to sell my galaxy s10 plus and just keep the bump? Not a problem 99% uses a case… No headphone jack…who cares… Analog old fashion connection..just use a good bluetooth headset! Mine is 19 months old light bleed in the have a faulty one

  2. Asal Salehi
    Asal Salehi says:

    I saw on a Persian site how many people said they had this phone. But suddenly the phone was turned off and no longer turned on. Are you aware of this problem? Are these sayings true or rumored? Have you heard anything about this? Please tell me if anyone has information about it

  3. Paper Bag Man
    Paper Bag Man says:

    What the heck, why is everyone claiming they remove the headphone jack to save space? They've had the headphone jack since the tiniest iPhones were in the market, quit saying space is the issue. They do it ONLY for money. That's it, period. End of discussion.

  4. Nehan Khan
    Nehan Khan says:

    I think he said skip this phone because the price you're paying you could get a better phone with a better battery. now since it's price has died down it seems like a good option but for 750$ well dammnmnmm


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