HTC One Review!


HTC’s biggest flagship of 2013 is finally here. Thumbs up!

The HTC One:

HTC One Ultrapixel, Explained:

HTC One outdoor camera shot:
HTC One indoor camera shot:
HTC One low light nighttime shot:

Speaker test song:

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. mohamed ahmed alrakhis
    mohamed ahmed alrakhis says:

    Watching this on my htc m7 which i bought a week ago. It heats like hell.battety drains very fast and you need htc original charger to be able to charge the phone. Couldn't find original charger so i had to buy a 4.1 fast charger and i still get a warning telling me to use htc original charger for faster charging. Yeah and even with that 4.1a charger it takes me like 8 hours to charge the phone from zero to 100%.

  2. Bianchi
    Bianchi says:

    I had this phone and loved it. I want this phone but bigger (maybe a bit thinner with modern tech) and on screen buttons. But it was such a good phone.

  3. Henry T
    Henry T says:

    My 5th year on HTC m7, really seeing the gap in technology. This phone doesn't run well with 5g network aka LTE. Battery is barely lasting over a day so games and snapchats and instagrams would have to be kept at a minimum use. Processor is running slow on modern games. Speaker isn't good in terms of loudness in public; but still an excellent choice for indoor watching YouTube on bed. The speaker still has a nice rich, full sound to it. The beats audio equalizer is still pretty good with any headphones.
    All buttons fully functioning. Still tanking through drops on the ground no crack on screen. Camera has lots of noise in low lightshot, but I've never gotten the tint like others, althought I do have a huge crack in rear camera. Never had the chance to use front facing camera because I'm too ugly and I look even worse in the camera angle. Software supports are all dead, running on android 5.0.2 and HTC sense 6.0. Amazing journey with this guy

  4. COD4
    COD4 says:

    Boom sound was crap, the sound was very low. The camera used to take pink, battery was a joke. Watching this on my Pixel 2 which is almost the same thing as HTC ONE.

  5. Pitchwisse
    Pitchwisse says:

    I honestly wish that HTC would use this exact design in 2018 and just put better specs under the hood. Remove the key bar and add on screen buttons or wait for P gestures. This still looks better than most phones nowadays.


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