HTC One M9 Review!


One M9 is HTC’s familiar 2015 flagship!

HTC One M9 (Silver):
HTC One M9 (Gunmetal):

One M9 First Impressions:

HTC One M8 Review:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over




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  1. Mandala Graphics
    Mandala Graphics says:

    I have always loved HTC M8 and M9 for the front facing speakers. Cameras are not bad either. But all the new ones like Nova series are too plasticky and shiny and slippery and front facing speakers are gone. I don't like them anymore. Love your reviews Marq. Keep up the good work.

  2. Kriro
    Kriro says:

    well after 3 years with this phone i have to say it's quite terrible at the long run, at first everything was ok but with the past of time oh boy, problem after problem, overheating, laggie perfomance and the most important thing the battery is totall crap, terrible duration being a brand new device and today it can barely stay on without the power cable.

  3. Shai Wilde
    Shai Wilde says:

    Hey Marques, do you know of any HTC phones with an awsome camera ? I love HTC phones but I need a really good camera like the I phone camera. Thanks!

  4. mistersister
    mistersister says:

    i have this phone but the battery is irriplacable and it dies at 40%. 100% lasts about 20m so my phone is usually never touched 🙁 i really want a new phone. apart from the battery everything else is smooth running and the storage is great

  5. V8 Power
    V8 Power says:

    You have to press longer then it turns on AE lock which locks aperture, then you can pan the camera where you want to, takes skill to take photographs and you can take good ones even with mobile phones if you know how.

  6. Jaysann22
    Jaysann22 says:

    Wow…. What a disappointment that Toshiba botched a 20mp camera. On paper people were probably thinking they were getting a dope camera only to experience an epic fail from HTC and Toshiba….. :/

  7. Floyd Jones
    Floyd Jones says:

    Had overheating problems since the day i got it. Battery life turned to shit after a year barely lasting over 3 hours. Too many bullshit apps that cant be deleted. Shitty security allowes viruses to completly fuck up the phone. The mother fucker is somewhat strong at least dropped and thrown it tons of times and no major damage to the outsise has occured.

  8. Marky Mark
    Marky Mark says:

    The HTC M9 is the worst mobile phone i have ever had, i was working with the phone in my pocket and it got a bit damp from the sweat "put it this way it never turn on again" CRAP PHONE…..

  9. lakes
    lakes says:

    A let down camera?? The HTC m8 was the dopest phone I ever had. And the camera definitely didn't let me down. People complimented my pics when I uploaded them.


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