HTC One M8 Review!


The One M8, HTC’s flagship for 2014!

HTC OneM8 (Unlocked):

128GB Micro SD card:
64GB Micro SD card:

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over




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  1. Maria B.
    Maria B. says:

    I finally replaced mine this year – in February of 2019(After 4 years & 7 months!). Battery issues were too many by that time – that is ultimately why I replaced it. I really enjoyed it while I had it. The model I owned (an "HTC One (M8)" – same as the one shown in this video, mine was "grey" though) had one of the very best "Gorilla Glass" types. I never placed a screen protector on it, & it only got three minuscule scratches during all those years… Also; I accidentally dropped it, plus it fell from several places – a few times, & it never chipped nor cracked.

  2. CentralMISirens
    CentralMISirens says:

    I got my M8 in November 2014, and to this day (3 phones later) that was hands down the best phone I ever owned. Only thing that came close to it was the one previous to it; my HTC Droid DNA. I wish HTC could be what they used to be 😕

  3. Prateek Keni
    Prateek Keni says:

    Still using it.. in mid 2019!
    MB missed out the night vision capabilities of the Ultrapixel gimmick. It's insane.
    I've had the beautiful gunmetal grey, picked it up for just $140 two years ago.

  4. hung trumno
    hung trumno says:

    Wow, look at the vision behind the M8. It already had a dual-cam system and blurring background effect which is a popular and must-have feature these days. It already had the 3D photo effect which is very similar to facebook 3D photo today. The dual front-facing speaker was also a huge win back then and even until now not every flagship phone has this feature. Hats off to HTC and I feel very bad for their situation right now.

  5. Joel Veedler
    Joel Veedler says:

    Got it from sister about a month ago in pink, had to replace the charging port. It also had a faulty upper speaker, which I fixed by assembling one of the daughterboard flex cables properly into its place. Besides a terrible battery life and even worse emojis than Samsung, it's still a great phone – though it can't compete with Xiaomi Mi A1, which I had to (temporarily) give up. I'm thinking about if my next phone after this (and Xiaomi) would be either Apple iPhone 7/8 or HTC U11/U12+

  6. A person
    A person says:

    I never noticed until my HTC M8 broke that it had dual cameras lol
    My favourite parts of this phone is the incredible speaker and the camera was really good

  7. Hao Tran
    Hao Tran says:

    i break my m8 by myselt in angry . i extremely reget my behavier . sorry my m8 . i bought M9 yesterday ,

    a familiar feeling in my hand so good , but i think m8 camera more interesting and funier …


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