HTC M8: What to Expect!


HTC M8 is coming. This is what to expect!

Samsung Galaxy S5: What to Expect!

HTC Sense 6 screenshot:
HTC M8 Dual camera:

Toshiba dual camera phone:

HTC “Ultrapixel”: Explained!

Video Gear I use:

Intro/Outro Track: Deadmau5 – Slow Down, Start Over




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  1. Omar Gonzalez
    Omar Gonzalez says:

    I will be due to a upgrade next month, and I am very confused about what to do,I like the look of the HTC ONE and of course I will like to have the M8, on the other hand I have always own a Samsung phone …

  2. Stevan Bardot
    Stevan Bardot says:

    "WOW" you have all the cool gadgets…..let's see, you have a PS3, Xbox One and other cool! Boxes in the back round, oh! And let's not forget a closet full of Cheerios….lol 🙂

  3. Kevin Rosenberg
    Kevin Rosenberg says:

    Im a huge Samsung guy but i may just check this out. Samsung doesn't seem to be making huge changes to their smartphones. I mean their not bad so why change but some physical changes would be nice. I will see how the note 4 will be compared to this HtC 8

  4. Gustavo Bessone
    Gustavo Bessone says:

    Why would they move the buttons on screen? It makes absolutely no sense to me. What they are doing is making the screen actually smaller. So maybe 5 inch will be smaller than the previous 4'7 inch because it has a freaking black bar in the bottom. They had plenty of space to put the buttons on the sides of the HTC logo. Why do something stupid like that? Sorry was really looking forward to this phone but needed to take this out somewhere. 

  5. Aman Mahuvakar
    Aman Mahuvakar says:

    +Marques Brownlee  You should do an update for this video. Now that there are more leaks out there… the video showing the entire phone and the other video showing the HTC Sense 6.

  6. qwerzu5
    qwerzu5 says:

    why should they not use the two cameras for 3d? im using the evo 3d for a Long time now, and love to take 3d photos and Videos with it. theres a Need  for a new phone which can do this too, my old one starts to drive my crazy….

  7. azah57
    azah57 says:

    fuck apple……my iphone 4= piece of shit
    fake s4= fucking owns iphone 44s and some htc's ( i know someone that has one and he loves it)

  8. Vlad Sava
    Vlad Sava says:

    I hate on-screen buttons. I will give the LG G Flex as an example. It does not have a big bezel but big enough for 3 buttons and they've put those buttons on-screen, Why would you do that while thinking that people like bigger displays and people don't like buttons taking away from those awesome screens. 

  9. esam turkistani
    esam turkistani says:

    HTC bought Beast audio share. So there is no beast audio in any HTC devices as of 2014. All that to save some millions. To compensate with that, HTC embedded dual cam and accessories that cannot compensate the quality of beast audio. Off course your first impression will be like , boom sound is quite enough and beast audio is overrated. But still beast audio is better sound quality. So i would purchased the old HTC one since it is the last beast edition.  The extra speed will not be noticeable since it is a ratio between speed and heavy software. Correct me if i am wrong.


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