HTC Droid DNA: Revisited!


The Droid DNA re-caught my eye. It’s that 1080p smartphone, revisited!


HTC One X Review:

I think you know what’s next.

Intro Track: ASDF Movie Song
Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. youandi06
    youandi06 says:

    Imagine going back in time and telling him he's going to have 8.2 million subscribers and not 100,000 and be making crazy money and own a tesla. He be like what the fuck. And what the fuck is a Tesla? Tesla was around but it was still very infant and not a lot of people knew about them

  2. Joseph Ramos
    Joseph Ramos says:

    I had one when it came out. Looking back on it, it looks great; but it's lacking performance now in the new world. But now that we got that iPhone X, I guarantee android devices are going to sell more due to the cheaper cost and still have the same features as a Samsung galaxy

  3. ACL Tech Gaming, Tech and more!
    ACL Tech Gaming, Tech and more! says:

    lol its 2016 and i have this phone and it runs almost all games perfectly and the screen is great. now i cant compare the screen with galaxy s7 but it is still a great phone

    EDIT: the battery REALLY sucks though. Which is why i bought a battery pack. AND my dna DOES have wireless charging. wtf
    EDIT EDIT: the HTC sense update fixes so may things like closing all apps at one time and stuff.


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