HTC 10 Impressions!


HTC 10: A first look at the HTC Android flagship for 2016!

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee




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  1. hariz azhad
    hariz azhad says:

    Great first impression review Marques! You described it precise and clear as thought I can feel the phone in my hand. I noticed there's improvement in the use of graphics to put facts about the phone which looks neat and nice!

  2. Crazcompart
    Crazcompart says:

    I like what the HTC 10 had to offer… It fits all my power user needs without too much "over and above", and it's different… If for any other reason at all, I also chose it to stay far from out of the ridiculous "dogfights" between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S users…

  3. Addison Tharpe
    Addison Tharpe says:

    If it had iOS on it I would buy it but it has shitty, laggy android that freezes. Shitty apps. It's so ugly too. For people who can't afford the iPhone. How many cases are made for this phone like 5?

  4. christopher dickinson
    christopher dickinson says:

    I'm still using my HTC M8 3 years later. still works great. HTC are the most underated phone out there. Very reliable phones, never break. All the shops sell Samsung and I Phone and everyone surely knows how bad they are but everyone follows the crowd, its sad really that HTC do not get the recognition

  5. corben denault-smith
    corben denault-smith says:

    I don't think they should have taken away the boom sound I mean that's one of the things they are known for. I know they didn't really get rid of them but at the same time they did. Well to me anyway they did. That was one of my many reasons why I like HTC. Still a huge fan though!

  6. Dünya Drm
    Dünya Drm says:

    Hey Marquis,,
    I'm planning to buy an HTC but I'm lost between htc10 or htc desire 10pro and I want a good quality video camera so can u help me and give me your advice plz ?? 🙂

  7. Jeremy Martin
    Jeremy Martin says:

    Samsung has definitely come a long way but their designs will always look tacky to me. That might be because they have an ungodly amount of spin-off/budget devices. HTC always fully realizes an aspect they're trying to convey with their designs.


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