HP Pavilion dv7t Media Center Remote Size Comparison



I’m just showin you guys- cuz you asked … so yeah, enjoy!

p.s. – Yeah, I know I used the outro at the beginning of the video lol – Stupit Movie maker – never using it again




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  1. PVTfluffy
    PVTfluffy says:

    OMG… I watched this video years ago and never made the connection that you are the mkbhd. This is blowing my mind. It crazy to see how much you have grown!

  2. bhmong
    bhmong says:

    hey bro my nephew just jammed my remote in in the other way around, (he forced the top part in,not the usual way you stick it in) do you know how to take it out like that.

  3. D Owens
    D Owens says:

    no problem,
    hey sorry for all this,
    but please make sure you never have your laptop
    just sitting on your desk, hp's get very hot, chris prillo just made this video on laptop risers, or
    you can get a stand or laptop cooler.

  4. D Owens
    D Owens says:

    yep hp is known for the best screen resolution, and the thin glossy desgin! alien ware makes think ugly computers but the hardware is amazing, but if you really like the designs of hp checkout msi and ocz next time there are harder to configure but the end result is nice!

  5. Mason Goddard
    Mason Goddard says:

    It was, mine was without a template, made from scratch, yours, YOURS WAS A TEMPLATE BACKGROUND!! lol!
    just jkin, i might make a new 1 now cos i got better with photoshop! BTW, your vids are awesome!


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