How To Unroot/Unbrick Nexus 10 Android Tablet!


Here’s how to unroot/unbrick your Nexus 10 Android tablet back to completely stock firmware using fastboot. You can do this with Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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29 replies
  1. Nogzzy
    Nogzzy says:

    Thanks for the video, you've given me hope!

    I'm trying to restore a nexus 7 2013 wifi, on attempting to install the .zip file it keeps saying failed "product is flo" "update requires deb"

    -Has anyone else come across this? I'm using the right stock image not sure why this keeps happening!


  2. Sinan VATANDAŞ
    Sinan VATANDAŞ says:

    Dude thank you so much! I ve sent my device to service and they told me that they should change my mainboard, can you believe it! I naturally refused and opened your video as a last chance and boom, it's back!

  3. TechManiacHD
    TechManiacHD says:

    Thanx MAX! You saved my ass once again! Appreciate it a lot! Last night I installed Cyanogenmod 6.0 but gapps went seriously wrong. Error after error ;(
    Off course I installed new gapps from the link on cyanogenmod but I was getting error 70. Finally downloaded gapps from other site for 6.0, arm etc… But then I couldn't even get to the screen to try some other gapps 🙁
    What's enough it's enough, I'm gonna stay with stock rom…

  4. Larry Porter
    Larry Porter says:

    i have a ideausa ct1006 i cant get it to bootup it in a loop i think i move my internal sdcard to external and made some kind of mistake and now i cannt boot please help
    my tablet was rooted and will not except the adb

  5. Troy Martins
    Troy Martins says:

    I can't thank you enough. I spent all day trying other methods without success. I watched your video and had a fully functioning Nexus 10 in under 10 minutes. You're awesome, thanks again 🙂

  6. C T
    C T says:

    Hi Max, been trying to figure it out but I cant flash the google stock image. I even wiped data in stock recovery but it still gets stuck in google startup screen? pleease help.


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