How to Turn Your Android Tablet into a Computer


With an On-the-go cable you can do some very cool things. Like turning your Android Tablet into, effectively, a desktop computer.

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  1. stoneridge zutt
    stoneridge zutt says:

    you can upgrade that usb hub with a ethernet usb hub so you can have a great connection to the internet.
    also still trying to figuire out how to set up (video/audio) output/Ethernet/usb hub/ phone-charging to work without spending hundreds of dollars.

  2. Joe Well
    Joe Well says:

    I did this for a while ago my Nexus 7 I bought a $5 mouse any $15 keyboard and it worked well. Once you change you with doing it through USB though instead of a bluetooth mouse and keyboard is that on stock Android there is no way to charge while using OTG unless something has changed in lollipop. However with the custom kernel this can be fixed. Though my USB hub didn't do a good enough job with its power supply and I ended up losing power rather than charging. that said using an otg y cable instead of the USB hub that has its own power supply probably would have worked better. But the best solution probably would be to use a keyboard mouse and keyboard because it doesn't need root.


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