How to Sync iCloud Calendar on Android Phone and Tablet


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There is a time that you jump move from iOS to Android, only to find that all your important calendars, like appointment, meeting, events, are still in iCloud. If you are still looking for quick ways to sync your calendar to your android phone or tablet, this video will be useful. It demonstrate two ways to retrieve the calendar data on the iCloud to your android device in simple steps.



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  1. Veracity
    Veracity says:

    awesome video! how the heck is someone supposed to figure this out without a walkthrough like this?!??!?! You saved me a ton of time vs. manually typing in everything again. Glad to finally be rid of the ios empire! Love my new android phone!

  2. DA Henrys
    DA Henrys says:

    Is there a way or an app that once I input an event onto my iPad's calendar, it would automatically sync onto my android phone's calendar (S Planner)? I was at first able to do this no problem when I also had an iPhone. However, I've recently switched to an android phone.

  3. Dean Meroiti
    Dean Meroiti says:

    Really helpful Thanks, I've got one question my whole family share all our calendars so we no what everyones up to. And we're all on Apple, Im thinking of getting an android..Does calendar sharing still work in that way between different devices?


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