How to Setup a 7 inch Android Tablet


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  1. Valeria Custis
    Valeria Custis says:

    I just bought a 7 inch android tablet from office max, that's a nuvision 5.1 lollipop, I need to know if this tablet have a self maintaining configuration system for file management,or do I order a specific app for it, ive looked online and the only thing that I see is some that are compatible with phones or specific tablets In which you have to click on the icon that is for yours,my email address is comment or advise thank you valeria custis

  2. Kay Christe
    Kay Christe says:

    Howdie.  I was wondering if you would tell me why I cannot get my Android Tablet SC-72 wont connect to the interent.  It just keeps saying, "Authenticating…" then it sits there.  If I let it the screen time out, when I turn it back on, it says, "Authenticating Problem".  But it never goes online.  Please help.  Thanks much!!

  3. chocford
    chocford says:

    As a fairly new android/tablet owner I'm looking forward to part 2. I sometimes have to reset my screen timeout time because it defaults back to 30 seconds. Do you encounter this? I've tried to pinpoint a specific cause. Sometimes it's after battery charging or a full day of using the audio player or just restarting, but not always. Thanks for any thoughts you may have on this.


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