How To Print from any Android Smartphone or Tablet via USB Cable OTG printing


How To Print from any Android Smartphone or Tablet via USB Cable. USB OTG printing from any Android Smartphone or Tablet.
Printing via OTG Host on a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

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28 replies
  1. Joe Gonzales
    Joe Gonzales says:

    Thanks it worked. Some might not run it well. But try to open first your file using Microsoft word or PDF reader. And then print it there. Then it will redirect you to the app. Follow steps.

  2. Abdul Shaikh
    Abdul Shaikh says:

    It's business add there is paid version no setup Avil
    He is pramoting his application to buy people's.
    Why should pay another Google and more app is Avil for this service

  3. Jean Seb Astienback
    Jean Seb Astienback says:

    only stupid and naive people will appreciate this video. With all the permission the android app demands, those people will get sooner than later HACKED! But they'll be the first ones to thank you for such a helpful demo… That's why the world remains a bad place to live.


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