How To Make A Tech Review


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  1. Joshua Kuter
    Joshua Kuter says:

    Hey I just saw your likes/dislikes was 2.3k/176 acts (2:36,2:37) and that’s why I feel compelled to say what I am about to say! Jesus Christ loves you, He died for you, God wants to restore your life making it more abundant, it does not matter where you are at in life nor who you are the promise of God is for everyone. If you would love to read where in the Bible I was referring this from it was acts 2:31-41 that sequence of verses shows how you can become saved by God! Have a good one God bless you!

  2. nojo1099's Entertainment And Media
    nojo1099's Entertainment And Media says:

    I don’t have the software (or hardware to even use the software with) to edit the footage. I don’t have any tripods or gimbals or a camera that has more than 14.1 mega pixels… my phone is better than the two cameras I have. So my question is, do you have any tips that could help me out?


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