How to Install/Run Android on a Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet


This is how to install/run Android on a Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet. It’s a pretty involved process, but isn’t too difficult. To do this, you’ll need a Micro USB to USB adapter, 2 USB flash drives (one needs to be at least 4 GB, the other at least 1 GB), a USB hub, and a USB keyboard and mouse. To make the Linux USB drive, you’ll need a Mac or Linux machine, however it may work using Win32DiskImager on Windows. Android seems to run perfectly fine on this device, the only issues are that sleep mode doesn’t work, and the cameras don’t work.


Forum that includes latest release:

Fedlet Linux:



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  1. Geosearchef
    Geosearchef says:

    For everybody still trying this, just use the normal installation ISO from android x86 (I guess some support for bay/cherrytrail is now present), follow the normal installation process. You might have to edit (press e in grub and F10 to boot) the grub commands and remove the quiet parameter in there to boot it.

    After installation, head into a linux distro (instead of fedlet you can use e.g. and mount (from lsblk) your EFI partition (you can find out which one that is by starting gparted and taking a look at the partition names/types). In there you can if needed edit the efi/Android/android.cfg file and in the Boot/grub/i…./ folder the grub config to customize grub (e.g. reduce the timeout).

    To boot the new system, get into the bios, add a new entry and point it to the efi partition, folder: efi/Android/sthSthEndingWith32.efi .

  2. Xenex Mangolian
    Xenex Mangolian says:

    hey there or anyone help me, please send a backup clone of efi partition containing boot files 100mb . I accidently deleted it and now my dell venue 8pro is not working. internal hdd not found but it is seen in bios settings . semd the boot volume efi partition @ thanks

  3. Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz says:

    Can you update the link? it redirects somewhere else. I want to install an Android image on the Venue 8, which has win 10 installed,
    and I already formatted a MicroSD card with the appropriate image. All the directions say to "go do x on the bios screen" but the bios screen doesn't give me the appropriate options…

  4. Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers says:

    With this set up you didnt display much of how this functions and i'm kind of new but am really interested in doing this. Once Android is set up does it have all the fucntions of the android and windows, or do you have to switch back and forth between partitions?

  5. Bernard Ramsey
    Bernard Ramsey says:

    Thanks so much for the useful video! After going through your steps, I was getting a garbled screen but rolled back to bios A03 and Android work very well. Any updates to this version to fix backlight/brightness settings or to get Lollipop?


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