How to Fix a Cracked or Broken Android Tablet Touch Screen | Fusion5 108 10.6 Touch Screen Part 2


In this video I show you How To Fix An Android Tablet With A Cracked Touch Screen

You can Fix It Youself!
Replacing the screen on your device should be an easy job if you follow the instructions. Anyone can do it.

You can find some replacement touch screens here:

Do this at your own risk. I take no responsibility for anything you might do to your device.

The touch screen is not the actual screen you see the graphics on, it is actually an overlayment on the screen to enable the touch control on your device. Be careful not to scratch the real screen.

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  1. Eiad Alkhayat
    Eiad Alkhayat says:

    you could've used the suction cup to remove the screen and a hairdryer to loosen the glue + that (screen protector) that you had before and after doesn't do anything at all its just packaging, the screen protector is for protecting the screen from fall damage not so much against scratches because the screen itself is made usually from gorilla glass and won't scratch even if you try to scratch it with keys or even a knife unless the device is an old version and doesn't have gorilla glass , I don't want to be disrespectful but the screen packaging thing is just something that people make fun of older people for doing, just take it off or get yourself a legit screen protector


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