How to Control Your Windows 7 PC from an Android Tablet


Rob from ASUS demos how to control your Windows 7 PC using the MyCloud app on the Eee Pad Slider or Eee Pad Transformer to access programs like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and more.

Find out how to set up MyCloud on your PC here:



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  1. Rodrigo Arthur Fodra Furlan
    Rodrigo Arthur Fodra Furlan says:

    Hi guys. I loved the video!
    I just wanted to ask something:
    While using the tablet to control the system, the main monitor still displays normally and this doesn't affect the audio, does it?
    My idea is to have a [powerful] computer mounted on the trunk of the car with a big TV as it's monitor. and then a Tablet to act as a smaller, control screen…

  2. shutup
    shutup says:

    How about the same thing but without the need to have a laptop? You can already run Windows 7 and windows applications on Android tablets with the android application hazeware on google play store

  3. Mokra06
    Mokra06 says:

    Got a question, Do you have to be on the same network to use this or as long as you have internet active on both devices it will work? With the programs running.

  4. Thespilloftroy
    Thespilloftroy says:

    i did it the first time and it worked. then i closed the app and it wont pick up my computer anymore. i tried re-entering it manually but it is still not picking it up. any idea what i may be doing wrong?

  5. Mark Respicio
    Mark Respicio says:

    Purchase and install Splashtop Remote Desktop HD on your Android device and install Splashtop Remote Desktop application on your PC or Mac. I use my ASUS Transformer tablet with the docking station to connect to my laptop via Wi-Fi either at home or at school. It is nice to get my programming (Java and Python) done on my Android "Netbook" to my Windows machine at home. I also use JumpDesktop on my Android for the zoom in features that Splashtop doesn't support and both apps works the same.


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