How to connect microphones to an iPhone or iPad


In this video, I show you a number of ways to connect different types of microphones (mics) to an iPhone or iPad to record audio in iOS.

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🎙 Headphone Jack Mics (3.5mm connection)
Audio Technica ATR3350is Lavalier Mic –
Rode Smart Lav+ with SC3 TRRS to TRS adapter –
Rode SC3 3.5mm TRRS to TRS Adaptor –

⚡ Lightning Connector Mics
Apogee MiC 96k –

🔗 USB Mics
Samson Meteor –
Blue Yeti –
Blue Snowball –
Audio Technica AT2020USB+ –

🔌 Apple Lightning to USB Adapters (Camera Connection Kit)
Apple Lightning to USB Adapter –
Apple Lightning to USB 3 Adapter –

🎛 Audio Interfaces
Tascam iXZ Interface –
Steinberg UR12 Audio Interface –
Steinberg UR22mkII Audio Interface –
Steinberg UR44 Audio Interface –

🎚 XLR Mics
Samson C01 Condenser Microphone –
MXL 550/551 Condenser Microphone Pack –

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49 replies
  1. Brad L
    Brad L says:

    Why do so many YouTubers feel the need to speed talk..? Difficult to understand this in many places. Seems like might be useful content but delivery could be improved.

  2. Jeffrey Patru
    Jeffrey Patru says:

    Hi Pete,
    For years we have been typing our meetings On a laptop so a deaf person can read the meetings. It was not very effective but it was better than nothing. Recently I discovered a self typing program, Otter Meeting Notes. It works great but we realized she really didn’t need the laptop anymore. Our meetings are also broadcast over an FM frequency for those hard of hearing. We thought if we got an ipad, we could feed the fm frequency into the ipad. Just like a microphone can feed into an ipad, we were thinking an fm transmitter could feed in for the Otter program to type

  3. Jeffrey Patru
    Jeffrey Patru says:

    Im looking for help solving a problem. Im trying to help a deaf friend. Is there a way to connect an fm radio/transmitter to an ipad. I thought it would work similar to a microphone but instead of what the mic hears feeding into the ipad, whats playing on the radio would. I’ve tried several different cords and adapters but so far no success. Any help with this problem would be appreciated.

  4. jpcannavo
    jpcannavo says:

    Just received a Blue Yeti ISB mic. Unfortunately using the iPad camera adapter, as described here and elsewhere, I can’t get the iPad (iOS 13.2.3] to recognize the blue yeti!? The weird thing is that my iPhone is able to recognize it. But I bought it for recording and production with my iPad. I am beyond frustrated and can’t seem to find any explanation as to why this is so. I’ll reach out to Blue Yeti support today to see what they tell me. If anyone has any clue as to why please let me know.
    Joseph P Cannavo

  5. Hawk Jonsson
    Hawk Jonsson says:

    Thank you for the video. However it does not cover having a lightning lightning to lightning insert or adapter. Every time I’ve tried to use it with my apogee external mic, it does not pick up the microphone. I am getting power to my computer but no power is going to my microphone. Is there a setting inside of GarageBand that I can use. Or do I need to get another adapter that is USB/lightning to insert lightning port.?

  6. UnclePablothe3rd
    UnclePablothe3rd says:

    Also from the mic I have a neewer phantom power pack thingy. I plug a xlr female into the mic then I plug a xlr male into the in put area. Using a xlr to 3.5 my cable I then plug it into a mic input of a mic and headphone splitter. I then plug that into the iPad 3.5mm audio jack. Should this work or is your previous solution guaranteed to work?

  7. jim harvey
    jim harvey says:

    Hello. Was wondering about my iPhone 11 pro. I have tried different external mics. Everything sounds the same. Do I have to enable something it settings. Everything literally sounds the same. For the record I’ve not experienced this with the headphone jack phones

  8. Victor Lam
    Victor Lam says:

    Hi Pete, very helpful video! Wondering if using the "Audio Technica ATR3350is Lavalier Mic" you recommend will make the sound quality (slightly, just or much) better than the iPhone 6+ built-in microphone? Thanks.

  9. Vincent Wade Carcuffe
    Vincent Wade Carcuffe says:

    I have a Samson usb G Track Pro! Does your phone need to be charging as well with that lightening adapter with the usb mic connected? Because it worked for a bit at low volume then I got a cannot use accessory cause it requires too much power. But I only had a lightening USB adapter! So before ordering the adapter in your link that can charge as well. I want to be sure? Thanks

  10. Mike Kelley
    Mike Kelley says:

    Hey Pete Johns, I have a 6th generation iPad and I'm trying to use an external mic for the app Zoom for videoconferencing. I just can't seem to figure out if Zoom does not allow an external mic or what. I can't find a straight answer. Even tried mics that claim are compatible. Any experience or advice for me? Thanks!

  11. D
    D says:

    Hey, Pete! Thanks for the informative video! This may be what I’ve been looking for. The Samson Meteor really got my attention 😁 I could use some input from you, though, if you don’t mind. I’m going to be using my iPad 9.7 for meetings and interviews on google hangouts. I have an Ipad stand, and I’ve been looking for a good mic to add clarity on my end. If I’m having a conversation with someone, would I plug in my headphones/earbuds into the audio jack on my iPad…? If I plug them into the Samson mic… I wouldn’t be able to hear them, right? I’m just wondering what my best option is. You’re more knowledgeable on this than I am, so please help me out?

  12. Denise Dimin
    Denise Dimin says:

    I wish… When I want to privately practice guitar, I have a Fender Squire Mini and a number of gadgets that plug in and I then plug in a headset to the gadget. I’m sooooo tired of getting tangled in the headset cable and guitar strap. I have an iRig Jam and an iRig Pro, both never used, from when I was contemplating GarageBand (now I just use the iOS app). What I really want is BLUETOOTH capacity to get rid of the strangling cables. I’m well aware of latency issues with Bluetooth headsets which I may be willing to sacrifice for freedom. Is there some configuration I could use to have my electric guitar communicate with my Bluetooth headset? And I don’t want an amp. I have an iPhone XS and an iPad Air 2. And the GarageBand app on both, although, really, all I want is just some privacy and freedom.

  13. Alex Le
    Alex Le says:

    Hopefully, I’m on the right track but the problem I’m having that microphone doesn't go thru after the recording. There’s an app Ikara sort like Smule for singing karaoke online. What i’m trying to do is plug the mixers on to the phone and using the USB thru the lighting cable. I can hear the music and the microphone whenever i’m in recording session but after playback only music were recorder but not the vocal track.

  14. Lil Benzo
    Lil Benzo says:

    Question? I just ordered a snowball mic with the lighting usb to plug it into my iPhone 6 Plus. Could I plug my Sony headphones into my headphone jack and plug the snowball mic into the charger port so I could record on GarageBand?

  15. Bernadette Martin
    Bernadette Martin says:

    Thank you so so much, I've just purchased the blue yeti microphone to start making videos using my iPhone built in camera and so excited to have it work! I just purchased the cheap no name brand lightening to USB 3 camera adapter… what is your experience with the cheap ones? Do I need the apple ones? Thank you!!!


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