How to Android tablet pc hard reset reboot


how to restore and reboot android china tablet pc … it should work for most or all tablets that have the power button and volume keys only well hope it helps u out thanks and subscribe
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  1. Laugh ter
    Laugh ter says:

    Thank You! I had to reach back to 2013 to find a solution from an online thread ("fixya") linking your video. That additional depress of the Power Button and Up Arrow key once when the screen reboots from the "Reset/Reboot" selection worked.

  2. Johan Visser
    Johan Visser says:

    hi I factory reset my sinotec m1015 tablet for the error and after factory reset it came on but do nothing only show the error message and in background it say no apps but cant enter the settings nothing and it does not pick up on computer or laptop with usb cable please help any sugestions and how could I restore it or fix it


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