How Real is the Hypersmooth? - More Tech Reviews WATCH TILL END


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This is a quick review of the GoPro Hero 7 Black.
It’s a bit late as everyone has probably tried and have seen the GPH7Black. I was curious of the Realness of the Hypersmooth and needed to try for myself before I invest on this camera. Here’s to share my feedback and experience of the GoPro Hero 7 Black.

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  1. Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez says:

    Not an expert on video cams, action cams, gimbals, or whatever, there is no doubt the smoothness of frame rates' stabilization and high-definition comes a long, long way now. But sometimes i think, it somehow already takes away the rawness(real vibrations and subtle terrain-changes and nuances) that we, mountain-bikers on gnarly terrain "really" experience, want to convey to the viewers' point of view. Yes the footage it creates looks more professionally done now, but it's kinda taking away the "real feel" due to the super-improved "smoothness" and "shock absorption". Just a thought. Nevertheless, go with the new gear. heheh. Nice review Mark on your new GoPro! Kudos! 😉

  2. Calitol
    Calitol says:

    No bike jump, astegg!! 😆 Another cool video, mark!
    Been using the 7blk since release and it has never let me down, so worth it! just make sure firmware is always up to date. Zero regrets here

  3. Ger Victor
    Ger Victor says:

    Laki ng difference sa image quality. Advantage lang ng Hero 4 is the clarity of the on-board mic (minus the case) pero halata padin ang lakas ng wind noise sa 4. Sa Hero 7 Black pansin ko walang wind noise. And with the hypersmooth and better quality, I'd go for the H7B kung may budget lang😅

    Easier hyperlapse pa. Wala ng click, step, click, step😀Great review and comparison. Hope to see more of it in your channel.🤙🏼


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