How Good Is This Cheap X570 Motherboard - Biostar X570GTA Review


With the launch of Zen 2 processors on the desktop, we quickly learnt that the price of X570 motherboards would be on average, more expensive than that of the Ryzen 2000. So if you are buying a Ryzen 3000 build, is there a decent cheaper X570 motherboard option?

Biostar would like to think so with their Racing X570GTA, which is outfitted with PCIE 4, however the board itself is rather cost reduced, pitting it against the mid to high end B450 segment in pricing.

In this review of the BioStar Racing X570GTA, we attempt to answer whether or not you should part with your money for this board, or instead go for a B450 motherboard.

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20 replies
  1. paulb4uk
    paulb4uk says:

    I have an old biostar socket 1155 board its been very reliable but slightly crap board will not work properly with my ram no matter even if it is set correct speed it ignores and runs at lowest speed board supports it even ignores cpu overclock but saves the settings sata ports are blocked partly by gpu so can only use 3 of the 6 sata ports its not the greatest but it outlived 1 gigabyte board and 2 msi boards so its crap but reliable .

  2. Smucky !
    Smucky ! says:

    If the argument is that there's not enough m.2 slots but you're saving $150, just get a PCIe M.2 adapter with the money you're not spending on the MB.

    Or buy the better MB…
    Just pointing out that there is that other option as well…

  3. James Smith
    James Smith says:

    PCIe gen4 WILL benefit EVERYONE in the future, because the future is quickly coming, where PCIe gen5 becomes the typical interface. If you want to ask why gen4 will still benefit, it's because even though gen5 will become the standard, adapters that plug into PCIe that are gen5, will be required to be backward compatible with gen4, and in reality, there won't be ANY devices that actually need the speed of gen5 X8 for at LEAST a decade, for a PC.

  4. Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow says:

    R.I.P. KOBE & GIANNA BRYANT!! My Compassion goes out to all his Family Knowing how hard it is to loose A Few Family Members at once is at times Unbearable !!! They are Now IN Gods Front Row!!! R.I.P. 👼🙏 Cow}:-o)

  5. Im1CrazyCow
    Im1CrazyCow says:

    Howdy PAUL Your First sentence says it all …AIB's have thought AMD second class for FAR to long and WHY BC of #BlueBalls & #NGREEDIA twisting there Arms for too many years and NOT Letting The AIB's to Be their own Company and I BLAME AIB"S for NOT Having Balls to tell the BIG TYRANTS TO FUCK OFF!! They manufactures NEED the AIB''s NOT the other way around but they have just forgotten that for FAR to Long it took DR LISA SU to ROCK the BOAT & God Bless HER!! Far too long we have EVGA being GREEDY GREEN too long well now they can eat GREEDY GREENS shit for all i care… Im done with anything they make any longer……..they used to claim well AMD never made anything but now they flat out said we are NGREEDIA ONLY!!! So Fuck them & all who wont make competitors Parts!!! I am watching a few manufactures now and seeing how I build 50 systems a yr for friends and family i buy ALOT so get on board or get lost LIKE INTEL ooooppps #BLUEBALLS & #NGREEDIA raping ppl on price for decade!!! Cow}:-o)


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