Hot Toys Neon Tech Iron Man II War Machine MMS553 unboxing review Marvel Avengers


Hope you folks are staying out there! In the meantime won’t you join me on a Visual Tour? Neon Tech War Machine, why not?
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  1. WantToBe 80s
    WantToBe 80s says:

    The orange eyes are not that good because every iron man finger need the white eyes but if the ark is orange too then the eyes should be orange as well but that is just me

  2. David J. Henriquez
    David J. Henriquez says:

    I know the IM is your thing but, boy am I getting tired of all these armors, repaints, reissues, of all the figures that already announced and released. Now Batman Arkham Knight is on the same path.

  3. Asat 85
    Asat 85 says:

    Great piece I missed out on the OG diecast of the War Machine mark 1 regretting it every single day its the best WM suit to me personally, great video as always denoby👍🏼 you should paint the inside of the barrel on the shoulder cannon orange too

  4. Ian R
    Ian R says:

    Hey D2, good video. i have started asking ebay sellers ''is this item new or ebay new ie used'' as so many say new but its out of the box. i also love ''original batteries fitted may need changing'' on a mk3 plastic thats 10 years of possible leakage.

  5. shovelchop81 Biker Alex
    shovelchop81 Biker Alex says:

    Nice! They're using the Tron colours from the second movie, so Blue= young good guy, Yellow (not green, I have him lol) = head bad guy, Orange= generic bad guys, so next should be white= generic good guys and old good guy.


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