Hipstreet Flare 3 Tablet Review! How good is this budget tablet?


You can buy the Tablet here: http://amzn.to/1d8rwGi

Any feedback is appreciated.



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  1. juggernault71
    juggernault71 says:

    I got some Major Issues with the Battery…Its Good that it Gives me a notification that im at 14% But then 3 Seconds Later…Its Jumps Right down to 4% then 3 Seconds After that it POWERS OFF. Any way to Prolong the Life of the Battery? Besides Charging it Ever 3 Hours??

  2. SuperTech-IT
    SuperTech-IT says:

    Thanks for this. I was about to give it to a girl I have been chatting with in the US, and she said "What's a Hipstreet Flare?" so I sent her this link
    People like you are why I love youtube!


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