Hercules | Universal DJ | MODE3/3 | Tablet


Discover MODE 3 (out of the 3 modes!) of the Hercules Universal DJ!
A short tutorial video to discover the wireless mix with a tablet and DJUCED Master and Hercules Universal DJ

Specially designed for the multi-equipped and multi-connected generation of users, Hercules Universal DJ is a comprehensive system that allows DJs to mix using all their displays – PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets (Android or iOS).
By combining Hercules Universal DJ with their favorite touch surface (whether smartphones or tablets), DJs can now leave their computers to enjoy their parties from the dance floor, while still controlling every feature of their mix. They can be as creative as pro DJs – and even more innovative, by inviting their crowds to chime in and vote for their favorite playlists, for even more memorable parties!

Hercules Universal DJ and the DJUCED applications herald a new era – the age of DJ parties 3.0!




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  1. zino vander heyden
    zino vander heyden says:


  2. Gavin Grieves
    Gavin Grieves says:

    Bought one and i have to say its rubbish. Not a patch on pioneer. Its more of a very basic mixer for a kid.
    Hooked it upto my sony 300watt speaker and its really quiet. Sending back


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