HD Tutorial: iTunes Visualizer



A lot of you have asked or wondered how to get the iTunes Visualizer just like something out of Windows Media Player. I apologize that it’s framey, but it’s not nearly that framed or laggy in real life! Try out the Classic visualizer or the standard visualizer and tell me what you think!

For the special few who watch the entire video or read the whole description (like me) – you can make me an outro in 1280×720, and if I use it, you’ll get a shoutout video from me, and I’ll have your link on my channel for at least a week.

P.S. – No Animoto

Good luck!




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  1. Vince Le
    Vince Le says:

    VERY COOL!!! Any way that the visualizer can react based on what the internal mic of the computer is picking up?  I'm trying to do a project on live visual sound.  Please help if you can. Thanks! 


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