[HandWriting Tablet] Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Setting(Android 10, One UI 2.1)


Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Android 10) setting for android beginner.
*Setting order*
1. Sounds and vibration 0:10
2. Notifications 0:43
3. Display 1:00
4. Lock screen 2:43
5. Biometrics and security 3:34
6. Accounts and backup 4:08
7. Advanced features 4:23
8. General management 6:10
9. Accessibility 7:08
10. One Hand Operation+ 7:38
11. Galaxy Labs 9:10
12. Good Lock 9:41
13. App icon 10:44
14. Status bar 11:15
15. AppLock 12:15
16. Awesome Land 13:01
17. Note taking Apps 13:20
* pdf templates for xodo url: https://blog.naver.com/mlrd-/221898016427
18. multi-tasking 15:45

*S-Pen Tips*
1. There are two types of pen nibs, rubber and plastic. Rubber nib is recommended.
1-1. You can purchase additional pen nibs at Samsung Electronics Service Center or Internet Market.
2. If the s pen does not touch the screen and is recognized, wipe the pen tip and reinsert the pen tip.
2-1. If you hold the tip of your pen with your finger and hold it close to the screen, you can operate the screen without touching the screen.
3. When the pen tip is closer to the screen than the hand, palm recognition prevention (palm rejection) works.
3-1. A little adaptation is required for palm rejection.



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