GPD G5A Android Gaming Handheld Tablet Review - Tablet with built in game controller


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The GPD-G5A is an interesting and reasonably priced gaming handheld. It features two control sticks, a game pad, four main buttons, and four shoulder buttons. It has a fast quad core processor that delivers decent performance, a surprisingly good 5 inch display, and two options for adding external storage (an OTG USB port and a MicroSD card slot).

The controls are ok, with the sticks being much better than the control pad. I did find that they worked natively with just about any Android game or emulator that supports hardware based controls. Additionally a utility is included to map the controller to games that only feature touch controls which is an interesting.

As an emulation platform it’s great for MAME and some of the more modern system emulators. I found it ran newer arcade titles, a Playstation 1 emulator, and a Dreamcast emulator at speeds at or very, very close to the original hardware. Given it’s fully Google Play compatible it supports the full suite of Google apps (including emulators) that will be released in the future. Apps can also be side loaded from memory cards. It’s running Android 4.2.2 which is slightly behind the current version but there appears to be a growing user community that may be porting over newer versions of Android for the platform.

Overall? It’s good. I wish the controls, especially the gamepad, were a little better but it’s definitely playable. For playing older classic games (think 16 bit and earlier) I really like the GCW Zero handheld which has a screen and controls better tuned for that older hardware.

DISCLOSURE: I purchased this product with my own funds



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  1. Sophie Nichol
    Sophie Nichol says:

    hey,i have really been getting atticted to minecraft and batman and also rua2 would these work without mapping any of the controls becuse i dont think u can do that with those games on the play store .please someone help

  2. Jojo
    Jojo says:

    Hey do them analogs click in like R3 and L3 on playstaion controllers? I will be using this as a stream in home stream style console with a program called kainy

  3. Arctic
    Arctic says:

    I know I am late to this video but thanks for the shoutout! I was not expecting that at all. I changed my name several weeks ago so it is still me 🙂

    EDIT: The reason why I suggested this is for the price/performance per dollar. If you want the best android and retro handheld then the nvidia shield or a moga pro power connected to a high end tablet is best ( or a dualshock 4 with OTG cable)

    The price is $120 on willgoo, Amazon tried to jack it to $190 before recently dropping it to $99, I just thought that $120 was a much better deal than a zero due to how much performance you are getting for the price (quad core) and the fact that it can do much more.

  4. That Sodding Gamer
    That Sodding Gamer says:

    Looks decent.  Too bad about the D-pad though.  These days there really isn't a reason to not use the Nintendo style, as the patent on that ran out a while ago so anyone can use it, rather than an alternative style.

    I hope that in a couple/few years they release a new model with updated specs.  Be great if it could play Wii games (and play them well).

    Incidentally, did you try multiple Gamecube games?  Maybe Sunshine just didn't want to play nice?


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