Google Sells Motorola: Explained!


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Google’s statement after buying Motorola:
Google’s statement after selling Motorola:

Dennis Woodside Interview:

TL;DW summary version: 9:04

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  1. Da Shizz
    Da Shizz says:

    Am I the only Lenovo fan here? I mean, I don't think they helped Moto, but I don't think they killed Motorola. They just did what they do best. Make mid range products and champion that market. A US market Samsung and Apple neglected and are just now attempting to break into. BTW I'm watching this on a Moto g5+ in 2019.

  2. YT Anonymity
    YT Anonymity says:

    How could be that US company, Motorola had been bought by Chinese company, Lenovo ?! Shame,they're better when they were still independent and they're much better than Lenovo. Motorola should leave them to restart their business and innovate their new phone again to catch up those famous smartphone out there such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Sony phone, and also wiped the Lenovo product itself

  3. neil bhagwandeen
    neil bhagwandeen says:

    From the future… Both Samsung and Huawei is at war with Google because of the launch of the pixel phones with Google Assistant being exclusive for the first few months on the pixel which lead to Samsung developing Bixby and Huawei loading Alexa on their flagship

  4. Neo
    Neo says:

    F**k Samsung they are the one who made this deal possible. Motorola RIP 201X to 2014(A google company) 🙁
    I have tried moto x4 and I can say that it feels like Lenovo customisation is being done to it.

  5. P. I.
    P. I. says:

    Aside from adding a bunch of gimmicky add-ons in the form of moto mods, (Which I predict will be totally obsolete within 2 years) Lenovo, dropped the ball on the X series by not following the Moto X Pure edition (MXPE) with a successor.
    The MXPE, had a brilliant simplicity, perfect mid range screen size, pure android UI, and I am seeing thousands of people still devoted to theirs, however, Motorola/Lenovo dropped the ball completely.
    Specs on the mid range followup to the MXPE (Which was always intended to be a mid range smartphone, at $400) were absolutely Unspectacular.
    I wrote this open letter.
    Dear Sirs:

    After two years of using this MXPE, I am only hampered by it's poor battery life. I am getting the battery replaced tomorrow.

    I was well on my way to buy the "next gen" moto x, when I discovered, after looking at specs, reviews and comments, that everything that was great about the Moto x pure, was dropped, and some critical functions were removed.

    I saw in various forums, (android forums for one) that loyal users, felt that Lenovo was killng the brand on purpose, while trying to promote phones that have half the usabilty, one third the camera, and no significant increase in RAM.
    For instance: Take the Brand new Motorola G5 plus as compared to the MXPE

    Camera 21 MP down to 12 or 16? Fail.
    Reduction of aperture from F2.0 to F1.7? Fail
    Removal of Moto voice assistant? Fail
    Shrinking screen? Fail
    Removal of dust resistance? Fail
    Removal of Digital image stabilization? Fail
    Same lousey low-life time 3000 mAh battery? Fail

    The only thing better is the octa-core snapdragon, and the extra gig of RAM but seriously?
    You are trying to pass this off on the public as a new phone?
    Loyal Moto x users could have really just an updated version with all the same functions but with more RAM and a better processor, and battery, (300 mAh sucks) and maybe an XL version for screen junkies.

    Your "Development" dept really dropped the ball on this one, and my employees and I (16 for whom I purchased MXPE phones as work phones to be used in the field) will most likely be switching to OnePlus 5 or other phones that remind us more of our beloved moto x pure phones.
    I am wondering if Lenovo was just trying to kill the brand.

    I for one am really dissapointed.



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