Google+ Re-design and WhiteSpace Rant!


My redesigned profile:

The new Google+ UI looks beautiful and slick. Yet the white space on the side of Google+ has gotten almost as much attention as the redesign itself!

Here are the best uses of the infamous #whitespace

Post-it Notes:
Going Green:
Brace yourself:
Mr. Paper clip:
Vanna Whitespace:
Betty Whitespace:
A Google+ in your Google+:

Google’s Official Video:

Top Google+ Tips and Tricks:




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  1. Karel Kroupa
    Karel Kroupa says:

    Customization? Quick! turn this video down! Before some Apple user sees it! they dont have any customization feature so they'll get all confused from Google+.

    …Sorry, could not help my self.

  2. Sahil Singh Dhandi
    Sahil Singh Dhandi says:

    hey mkbhd i asked u a couple days ago if u could make a video telling the differences between a tables and a slate pcs. you told me that only if i had a slate, i forgot to respond but could you make that video like one of your explained videos please if you could that would be great


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