Google Project Glass: Explained!


A more thorough analysis of Google’s super viral augmented reality project. Thumbs up!

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Google’s Project Glass:




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  1. Sheila Lilian Tapia
    Sheila Lilian Tapia says:

    I can't wait for it. I like the freedom of having the world on your sight: maps, mail. weather, messaging. It's pretty cool. And also, so what if people stare or judge you for 'talking to yourself'? EXCUSE YOURSELF AND MOVE ON

  2. Ducat: Gamedev Diary
    Ducat: Gamedev Diary says:

    В конце концов дойдет до того, что придется снимать эти очки, чтобы не видеть навязчивую рекламу развешанную везде по "дополненному" городу )
    In the end, you'll have to put these glasses off, not to see all the ads, placed all over the augmented city )


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