Google Pixel Slate Review: half-baked


The Pixel Slate, Google’s first Chrome OS tablet. It should be able to do it all – run a full desktop web browser, Android apps, the works. It should be able to replace your computer and do things the Apple iPad Pro can’t. The potential is there, but Dieter Bohn shows us why the bugs ruin the experience.


Here’s a link to buy the Pixel Slate:

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33 replies
  1. up in Vermont
    up in Vermont says:

    Given that the expiration date on the unit is currently June 2024, paying between a thousand to two thousand dollars for a unit that will only receive 4+ years of updates, and that's still more or less in BETA, knocks it right out of contention. One might optimistically hope that in 2 years time Google produces a polished OS, but they've already had that amount of time. If it were a priority, a multi-billion dollar company like Google would have produced it by now. I could see $200 for that short a lifespan. My laptops are normally only just getting broken in by 4 years, and I run Linux on them. When a Chrome OS Tablet offers more than a 2 to 4 year support lifespan, then I'd gladly consider it. I don't do much with these systems besides word process, netflix and browsing.

  2. Hend Farid
    Hend Farid says:

    So issues are more OS related than hardware ones? Wouldn't an update fix with the lags etc?
    It would be great if they bundle the pen or the keyboard with it for cut down the price a bit

  3. Tim Sherwood
    Tim Sherwood says:

    Honestly, I'm just disappointed that it is so complicated to run android studio on chrome OS. I'm not an expert at anything tech wise but I am pro android/Google and I would love to learn more. With a strong competitor like Apple, Google should be doing more to promote its software capabilities as that is it's niche in the mobile market. How ironic is it that Google OS cannot support android development software? Probably gonna save for a custom thinkpad.

  4. TechTale-3T4
    TechTale-3T4 says:

    nice video
    I think that Google here not right by increasing price
    At first glance I was really impressed by pixel slate due to its price but then it shows its efficiency and effectiveness at price touching 1500 dollars

  5. Turn
    Turn says:

    Phones are tools of communication
    Desktops are workstations
    Laptops are less powerful desktops
    Tablets are things children play in church

  6. Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval says:

    As a student and a Google products' die-hard the only thing that stops me from buying a pixelbook or a slate is that some apps or programs for specific tasks (like stata or R-studio for statistics) are not compatible with chrome OS. I hope that Google reaches for developers so that these kind of programs are available on their platform.

  7. FastLikeUNO
    FastLikeUNO says:

    I agree the keyboard is trash, its just not worth the price. Also its an embarassment to Android ecosystem because it can run its apps, so why have this jittery lagging mess? That's now a Chrome image issue not an Android one.


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