Google Pixel Review: Best Android Smartphone!


Google Pixel delivers an experience good enough to be my Top Android Phone of 2016!

Google Assistant 4K Video on Tesla:

Google Assistant vs Siri:

Google Pixel skins:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track: Clique – Kanye West | Instrumental




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  1. Sisi1044
    Sisi1044 says:

    Hey can anyone help me. Please comment. I currently have an IPhone SE and it is not working properly and I need to update. I hate huge phones and am looking for a phone that has a 4” screen. Any suggestions are welcome

  2. David Fabian
    David Fabian says:

    Ha! In 2019, looking for something to replace my pixel. It's still faster than a lot of new phones, the camera is still very hard to beat, has the newest android. It's just the battery is on it's last leg. 🙁
    Hard to find a replacement.

  3. Simon
    Simon says:

    I've had the complete opposite experience, bad battery life(really bad), laggy, Bluetooth shutters, bad speakers, shutdown by itself. The camera is the only thing that has been good. I'll upgrade to the OnePlus 7 when it's released.

  4. Ellen Hussain
    Ellen Hussain says:

    I've been using this for a year now and I must mention this that Google should really work on their Android bugs. Completely killed my pixel and now I can only use it for chatting. No calls and video recording. Rip


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