Google Pixel C (Nougat) Review | best Android tablet, but...


This is a very late look at the Google Pixel C running Nougat to see what it is and what it isn’t

00:47 Design
03:20 Display
04:16 Sound
05:26 Performance
07:17 Battery
08:12 Software
10:00 Conclusion

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  1. Shocky
    Shocky says:

    Best Android tablet on the market, yes it's a bit pricey but you get what you pay for.

    As for what it is, I don't really understand why people are confused by this or why reviewers give it such a hard time, it's a tablet first and foremost that has some keyboard accessorises you can purchase or not, as a stand alone tablet it works just fine without them.

    For me I don't use the tablet that much with the keyboard, it comes in handy as an overpriced stand most of the time, occasionally I might do some work with it and it works just fine .

  2. Frederickdawg
    Frederickdawg says:

    I cant help thinking that after watching many of your videos and others, and also researching that the 2 year old obsolete Z4 Sony LTE tablet is still a strong contender, dont you think? I just found the screen ration not suitable for my needs. Hence sold it.Now I am at loss as to what to buy.

  3. Zakk1699
    Zakk1699 says:

    2 questions:
    Will 32gb be enough for me because I only plan to use it for watching vids on Youtube, play a few games, use Microsoft Word, browse google, stream music and movies from netflix and spotify and that it. Also how much space does the OS take on the google pixel c ?

  4. Ian M
    Ian M says:

    Nice review. Having bought this with the keyboard I can say that its the best decision I ever made. I have no wifi issues, bluetooth issues or anything. Typing on the keyboard is fine and I have never hit the screen. I use the tablet for work to keep notes, draw with a stylus and play games and it doesnt disappoint at all. At first I thought it a bit heavy, but eventually got used to it and use it all day. Charges in 3hrs and lasts a whole day at work with my heavy gaming at home so its perfect. Screen is very clear. One thing to note though is that some games and apps dont handle the huge resolution properly but they are few. Also the Facebook app doesnt use its real estate properly but loading facebook via chrome it looks great and uses the screen properly. (This comment was written on the tablet).

  5. Ate Siemensma
    Ate Siemensma says:

    I Use this device as my everyday companion on trips and work for 8 months now. Sofar, it can replace my laptop easyly.
    Combined with the use G-Suite i am able to do alot of office tasks with it and access my documents everywhere.
    The price is steep, but it is actually a high end device and it shows with every day use. It is solid as a rock. With the keyboard it has all the protection you need.
    It cannot replace a full desktop, but it was never intended that way.
    For me it is the ideal business companion to replace my laptop.
    i cant wait to see what a next generation of this device can do!

  6. Shyam A
    Shyam A says:

    Hi!! A perfect review.I would go for it . Is there a support for playing content or transferring data to and from external hard drive/USB stick ??.

  7. Nikos Stamatiadis
    Nikos Stamatiadis says:

    Excellent review and good timing since now N is released and that's when this tablet should have been released. Not with M. Now that N is released, how's the experience on Pixel C? Lag, stuttering, multi-window? All Android devices have it except the Pixel phone. No fing scanner is a bummer but no deal-breaker. But the keyboard as a stand and cover is a super plus. I'm trying to decide between ipad air 2 and Pixel C for my dad.

  8. Joshua Gall
    Joshua Gall says:

    in the multi window section where the app didn't fully go off the screen, it's not a glitch, it's to remind you that the app occupies 1 half of multi window. when you see that app off to the side, it will stay there until you launch another app. then they will join together in the multi window arrangement.

  9. Martin De Biasi
    Martin De Biasi says:

    The reason the app sticks to the side of the screen when you leave multiscreen is to tell you that you're in multiscreen and that app is your 'main' app. If you select another app it will appear in split screen with the primary app.

    It also does it in portrait and on phones by sliding to the top.

  10. Penelope R
    Penelope R says:

    I've been using my Pixel-C together with the aluminium keyboard for the past 10 months and it has almost completely replaced my laptop for everyday use. I am a touch typist with small hands (but fairly long fingernails) and, therefore, find the keyboard excellent. If you type with flat hands you may well keep touching the screen but typing (as you should) with the wrists rounded, this should not happen. The tablet is my 'daily driver' and has not one single scuff or scratch anywhere on the casing and the keys, although now 'shiny,' show no sign of wear at all and this, for me, is unusual as I generally wear off most of the characters in a fairly short time. All in all, I've found the Pixel-C to be perfect for my needs and although I do realise it is very expensive, it is just so much more convenient than lugging my fairly large laptop bag around with me – the Pixel-C fits nicely into my normal shoulder bag and is not too heavy in the least. It may not, of course, suit everyone's needs but for me it's just great.

  11. minaln
    minaln says:

    Just wonder if it supports Internet over ETHERNET. It does work on NEXUS 5x with Android 7.0 so I assume it should work here too since it is Google product. Would you have a chance to test it just to be sure. I would much appreciate that.

  12. Joshua Vaughn
    Joshua Vaughn says:

    You convinced me to get it. Thanks. I just ordered it yesterday. Google is known for discontinuing products without notice, so that is why I didn't buy it sooner. I was afraid they would discontinue it, since it is not that popular. I really like how good the resale value of the tablet is. I looked on eBay and most of them are actually more than what google sells the Pixel C for.


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