Google Pixel 4XL Review - One Month Later


Our first review of the Google Pixel 4XL after using it for over a month, the best features of the phone, some things we don’t like and our recommendations on who should buy the Pixel 4XL.

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The Pixel 4XL in this video was provided to the channel by Google. Google did not sponsor or pay the channel to produce this video.

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  1. Jo5ue1
    Jo5ue1 says:

    I've owned the Pixel 2 XL, and now a 4XL. Let me see, I've never had any batteries on my two Pixels were/are reasonable, the cameras are great, the software is amazing, the timely updates make up for the small issues most of which are fixed via updates, did I mention timely. Being a former iphone fan timely updates are important and with the Pixel you get the same timely updates. When I gave Samsung a try you couldn't get any updates in 6 months maybe, oh yeah my Note 7 fiasco, sorry guys you are HUGE whiners!!

  2. Aljosa Cebokli
    Aljosa Cebokli says:

    Very nice and balanced review. Also my experience exactly.

    In addition to "who is this phone for"; it has such a stupid plethora of smart features any professional would love and I think that's where Google is aiming in the long run.

    Not just a phone with an assistant, but a phone that IS an assistant. A truly smart phone.

    I am already having full on conversations with my px4 on my daily walks around London, from starting calls to skipping songs and asking for directions without having to pull my hands out of my pockets.

    The assistant is already in a league of it's own and I can't wait for future iterations where they add more practical utility to it.

    This is why I purchased this phone; I am incredibly excited with regards to what Google is doing here and also a bit exasperated after watching the reviews that these software and hardware features have been all but ignored.

    Some of the reviewers actually came across rather ignorant and I'm really not impressed.

  3. Vinay Naidu
    Vinay Naidu says:

    Dieter needs to leave the verge. He's the only one there who seems to have a mind of his own. This channel is really good too. "tech youtubers" just copy and paste their complaints. Ugghh the bezels. Like really? Do you really need a phone with no bezel? Where are you going to hold it? On the sides? Accidentally touching the screen is annoying. Ugghh No wide angle? Y'all never said shit about the wide angle until apple does it 4 years after LG. I'm not a Google fan boy by any means (I'm glad stadia is failing) but the tech space here on YouTube is getting toxic.

  4. Noah Wagner
    Noah Wagner says:

    As a Pixel 3XL owner. I hear you there is a lot of hate for the pixel phones. I think there are big expectations and then as you point out the hardware specs disappoint, but if you factor the software it's much better. Google needs to learn something from apple. Before the flashy new things make sure the basics work really well. My issues have always been with basics and it starts with the battery life, Bluetooth, phone calls, screen and if you can do wonders with the photos why does the video seem so blah! Another huge lesson from me is a pixel is alway better 3 months after it's launch after it gets a few updates and a $200 reduction in price. Again get the basics right at launch the market is super competitive and when people look at a phone they see the bad review at launch and that's what stays online and never do they see that most issues get fixed in a few updates so they are left with an impression of a flawed overpriced phone.

  5. kramshiron
    kramshiron says:

    People knock this phone because of the high price (4xl)..brightness low, iffy battery life,no triple cameras, outdated screen look, average video capability, soli radar a bit gimmicky, 90hz only sometimes.

  6. exchangedspider
    exchangedspider says:

    Most of the so called 'Tech YouTubers' are a bandwagon of nit picking wankers, they are entertaining, but sell outs.

    I won't be getting 4 thou, since I'm already on 3 xL and i always skip one generation of all devices.

    Pixel 3 XL was also a disaster according to these YouTubers, but after using both OnePlus 6T and Pixel 3 XL and I own both, I'm in love with Stock Android 10. Didn't even noticed any issue which was highlighted by these tech YouTubers.


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