Google Pixel 4 Review: Inside the Hype Machine!


Pixel 4 is a massive victim of its own hype… It’s a great Android phone that’s hard to recommend 👀

Pixel 4 skins:

SuperSaf camera comparison:
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  1. Prajwal Shetty
    Prajwal Shetty says:

    Pixel is becoming the next iPhone, limiting the basic features such as battery and storage . So when their next model is better ,people are gonna hype it and buy. Good business strategy but bad ethics .

  2. Sam Sheng
    Sam Sheng says:

    I totally agree with you. I always love the stock Android OS feeling and it's just simple to use. But this phone is just WAY TOO expensive for the money. Even though the camera is great, among all the phones, iPhone and Pixel do the best. I give Google that. But for all the "new features" such as astro-photography, I have my mirror-less camera to do the better job. Phone camera to me is just like an quick-to-deploy extension of my camera, so yes, photo quality is important and I do like Pixel phones. But I can simply wait for about 3 months then buy it, easily $300 off or something. Used to be an very enthusiastic early-adopter, and recent years the prices killed that part of me. LOL

  3. Kane San Miguel
    Kane San Miguel says:

    Regarding the telephoto zoom 2x issue:

    If you recall, at the Google event, they said "nearly 2x" optical zoom for the telephoto. They didn't say it was 2x. So, you are seeing the telephoto lens and you confirmed that it's 1.8x zoom. Good job!

  4. Sagar Sigdel
    Sagar Sigdel says:

    Weren't we done done swipe and face id bullshit. Damn goggle really went backward. Always wanted to buy a pixel device for thevpure android experience but they always screw it up

  5. Buclodi
    Buclodi says:

    I wish more phone companies would release a "Power" version of their phones like the Moto G7 Power with the 5000 mah battery. I hardly ever have to worry about my battery. Unfortunately the rest of the phone isn't that great. It's fine but nothing like a Pixel or an iPhone.


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